We are into Asafoetida (Hing) Business since last 6 decades when grandfather of Shri Jagdish Gambhir Hingwala. Late Shri Daulatram Gambhir along with his son L/Shri Basantlal Gambhir, use to supply Hing to Indian markets popularly known as Maharaja Hing from Multan (now in Pakistan).

Types Of Hings

Pure Asafoetida

  • Very few people in India have deep knowledge of hing for them hing means pieces of mass or a plastic container of powder available with their local grocer which is been used in their family from their ancestors , they even don't know what is the benefit and how, when and where hing is to be used. They also don't have knowledge of from where it comes wheater it is produced or manufactured, more than 40 per cent of people when told that hing which you get in market is a mixture of Wheat flour gum Arabic and pure hing they take it by surprise even though it is clearly mentioned on each and every containers of it that it contains 60 to 73% of wheat/rice flour nobody takes care to ready it.

    This adulteration is not done as an intension of malpractice but it is very essentially required as pure hing contains very high percentage of volatile oil and if anybody given pure hing puts a little more then a piece of wheat can spoil food made for four, hence it is been accepted according to the Food and Drug Prevention Act 1964. law but with certain conditions as it should not contain less than % of Alcoholic extract in and should not contain more than % on total ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid and not more than % of starch in it . when a manufactures passes his quality according to law then only he present it in market as fit to be consumed by human being.