Types Of Hings
Asafoetida is mainly produced in native plains of Iran and Afganistan and it differs as its soil and climate changes as per equator.(As we find different types of mangoes in India itself ) We can find not less then 10 types of asafetida each having its own specialty in Afghanistan only, and about 3 to 5 types of Asafoetida in Iran. In Afghanistan Asafoetida is collected in paste form only and there are different names given to them according to the areas they are mainly collected in as to Asafoetida found near Kabul, Baluk, Samagan, Talukan etc are commonly know as Kabuli Hing and asafetida (Hing) found near Pirnak saher is called Pirnaksir and Asafoetida found near Siyaband is called Siyabandi like this there are hing called Khawal, Charras, Galvin, Navi Jamin, Kandhari Hadda etc, and in Iran few of them are called Khada (X.L) Sheer (Hirakani), Hingra etc. each having its particular pugent and are sorted out by its strong smell which are used for different purpose by manufactures in India referred further in two parts.
viz, Pure Asafoetida & Compounded Asafoetida.


Asafoetida has many faces which are not mentioned anywhere in around above thousands of sites available for it. We are trying to explain it so that people use exactly that hing only which is required of and in appropriate proportion.

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